About Us

Nothing says home like the sweet aromas of the kitchen. Karen's Taste of Home prides ourselves in our natural flavors and ingredients. We strive to serve our community fresh pastries, delicious cakes, homemade breads, and so much more.


Karen is the main baker and operator of Karen's Taste of Home. She grew up learning the tricks of the trade and the quality of taste from her Aunt Mimi, who was a baker for over 40 years. From this experience, she has picked up so many secret family recipes, along with creating her own. It is hard to find another recipe that tastes quite like hers. It is truly a taste of home.


Madison is the daughter of Karen and has also learned some of the family secret recipes from her mother. With these recipes, she has created her own twist and turned them into her own. Madison specializes in delicious, soft and chewy, oatmeal raisin cookies, and cake-pops, for a little taste of home on the go.